Undergraduate Program for Geophysics at UQ
You can study exploration geophysics via undergraduate and postgraduate programs coordinated by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Queensland.

The normal route to becoming a professional geophysicist at UQ is via undergraduate and honours study culminating in the B Sc Hons (Exploration Geophysics). The recommended undergraduate preparation leads to a B Sc with dual majors in Geological Sciences and Computational Science after three years full-time study. The recommended undergraduate plan for this dual degree provides an interesting mix of Maths, Physics, Computing and Earth Science courses.

Options are also available for students transferring from a Bachelor of Engineering, or from a Bachelor of Science with significant components of physics and/or maths.
Following this undergraduate program, students enter the B Sc Hons (Exploration Geophysics). This honours program is typically taken over 18 months / 2 years part time, whilst gaining work experience in the industry.

For more information regarding undergraduate courses and subjects in exploration geophysics contact the Geophysics Coordinator.

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